You know there’s a smile hiding in there, but face it, not having straight teeth is killing your confidence to face the camera and your peers.

This is about looking ahead.

Not only are straight teeth a major confidence booster, they enhances your quality of life in a number of ways.

Just take a look at these survey results from Invisalign:

  • 92% of adults who straightened their teeth reported that confidence improvement was a primary reason for the procedure.
  • Almost 80% of adults report that straightening their teeth was one of the most important treatments to their lives.
  • About 30% report that straight teeth helped them achieve personal goals.
  • 75% of adults who received teeth straightening treatments reported that it had a positive impact on their lives.

And these stats are just the beginning.

The same survey found that 70% of adults feel that one tiny change to their appearance would undoubtedly benefit their confidence.

And the stronger your confidence is, the more opportunities there are. So let’s delve right into the benefits of having straight teeth!

Straight Teeth Projects Positivity Energy

Having straight teeth improves your perception of yourself, but it also helps to model society’s perception of you as well.

Let’s go back to our Invisalign survey.

In that same survey, adults were also asked about how confidence impacts perception. Here’s how they responded:

  • 63% feel that people perceive them as happier when their confidence is high.
  • 44% feel more attractive when they’re confident.
  • 43% feel that society perceives them as more successful when they’re confident.
  • 40% feel people viewed them as smarter when they’re more confident.

People naturally respond to warm, positive energy. And there’s nothing like a big, bright smile to draw people in.

But most importantly, straight teeth makes people feel good on the inside which projects an unmistakable confidence on the outside.

Set The Stage for Success

How one feel’s they’re perceived can make all the difference in either meeting or not meeting goals. Therefore, higher confidence leads to more healthy, productive risk-taking behaviors.

Let’s discuss a few ways straight teeth can break down barriers to success:

  • Job interviews: First impressions are everything. Straight teeth help job applicants speak with more confidence and assurance during job interviews.
  • Networking: Building a network of contacts is a daunting but necessary aspect of many industries. Everyone from freelancers to corporate employees must network if they want to rise up the latter, and a cornerstone of successful networking is having stellar confidence.
  • Public speaking: Public speaking skills are necessary for conducting compelling business presentations and meetings. Teeth straightening can make a huge difference in even tackling public speaking in the first place.
  • Confidence in front of the camera: more companies and entrepreneurs are turning to digital media. Therefore, a simple teeth straightening procedure can help professionals speak and appear more confident on YouTube and Instagram.

Straight Teeth Look and Feel Healthy

You know straight teeth are pleasing to the eye, but did you know they have important health benefits as well?

Not only do they look good, but straight teeth can help eliminate unnecessary pain and other problems associated with crooked teeth.

Check out these health reasons for starters:

  • Jaw comfort: chewing puts pressure on teeth, and when teeth aren’t aligned correctly, basic chewing can result in pain. Moreover, straight teeth hold your jaw in the right position.
  • Teeth grinding: Conditions like TMJ and teeth grinding noticeably decrease after teeth straightening treatments. In turn, patients experience fewer headaches, tooth fractures, and overall pain.
  • Speech improvement: Misaligned teeth can worsen speech impediments like lisps or stuttering.
  • Easier to maintain: Straight teeth are easier to clean, floss, and take care of.

Improve Communication and Social Skills

Confidence is key for developing strong communication skills.

But it’s hard to communicate effectively if you’re constantly worried about the state of your teeth.

Over time, people develop ways to cope with their low confidence, such as covering their mouth when they speak, not smiling, or not widening their mouth when they talk.

Sound familiar?

These constant worries only prevent you from moving forward and taking on new challenges, like career promotions or networking opportunities.

Here are a few more ways straight teeth can improve your communication, and thus, social skills overall:

  • Improve your desire to communicate more in general. Instead of focusing on your insecurities, you’ll feel more free to communicate your ideas with others.
  • Improve your social life. It’s easier to strike up conversations with new people when you’re confident about your teeth. Moreover, it’s easier to socialize and grow a social network when you’re not crippled by insecurities.
  • Become a leader. When your confidence grows, you take on more risks. Confidence derived from straight teeth can help you realize leadership qualities you never knew you had.

Types of Teeth Straightening Procedures

It’s hard to ignore the benefits of straight teeth, so where do you go from here?

Fortunately, there are more teeth straightening methods than ever before, so rest assured, you’ll get the right treatment for your needs.

Let’s go over a few popular treatments:

Ask yourself: Is your smile holding you back from being your most confident self?

It’s never too late to get your smile back and restore your confidence. This seemingly small change can make a world of difference with attitude, goal-setting, physical health, and communication.

Talk with your dentist today to get the ball rolling on getting your confidence back.