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We’re proud to offer all our patients high-quality dental technology. These devices allow our dentists to establish a baseline of your oral health as well as identify the best treatment for your unique case. For more information, get in touch with our dental practice today!

CBCT Scanner

CBCT stands for cone beam computed tomography. This is a specialized imaging device that takes computer-generated 3D x-rays of your teeth and gums. Dentists use a CBCT scanner to detect potential issues regarding your bone structure and the soft tissues within your mouth.


A CEREC is a piece of dental equipment that incorporates computer technology to make rapid impressions of your teeth. These impressions are used to generate same-day prosthetics including dental fillings and dental crowns.

dental technology NW Calgary<br />
dental technology near you<br />

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a piece of handheld equipment that allows dentists to take images and videos of your mouth. This helps with the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of oral issues including cavities, chipped teeth, and gum disease.

iTero Scanner

Similar to an intraoral camera, an iTero scanner is a tool that generates digital scans of the structure of your teeth and gums. iTero scanners are commonly used in orthodontic treatments. It’s a handheld wand and only takes a few minutes to make the desired images.


Laser dentistry refers to the utilization of special lasers to remedy oral health conditions. Dentists use lasers to treat issues concerning the soft and hard tissues within your mouth. The laser emits a narrow beam of energy, which causes a reaction in your tissues. For more information, call our visit our website.


A Velscope is a device that allows dentists to detect abnormalities in the tissues in your mouth, particularly oral cancers. Blue fluorescence is used to activate tissue molecules that may lead to future health concerns. This is a great preventative tool.