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Dental Guards and Appliances Near You

Our teeth do so much for us on daily basis and although they’re quite resilient, sometimes, they may require a little extra protection. Our Calgary dental clinic offers several kinds of dental guards and appliances to help you preserve the structure of your teeth and protect your tongue and jaw from both internal and external forces.

Night Guards

When we grind or clench our teeth, the pressure that this action exerts can cause our teeth to weaken, wear down the enamel on their surface, or become cracked or chipped. To protect your teeth from such issues, we offer customized night guards to all our patients. Not only will this preserve your smile, but it’ll help improve your sleep as well.


Retainers are typically given to patients who’ve just completed orthodontic treatment. These devices are designed to help keep your teeth in place once they’ve been straightened. Retainers can be permanent or removable.

dental guards and appliances NW Calgary<br />
dental guards and appliances near you<br />

Sports Mouth Guards

Staying active is an essential component of leading a happy, healthy life. Unfortunately, playing sports can also cause injuries to Your face and teeth. Wearing a sports guard is a great solution to this problem. Our dental clinic offers customizable sports guards to all our patients. Come in today!

TMD Treatment

TMD stands for temporomandibular disorders. This refers to issues surrounding your jaw and lower facial muscles. Damage to these areas may lead to extensive oral health issues in the future such as having trouble chewing or swallowing. Here at our local dental practice in Calgary, we offer TMD treatment. For more information, get in touch with our staff today.

TMJ Treatment

Your temporomandibular joint connects your jawbone to your lower skull. You have one of these joints on both sides of your face, and they help control muscles and jaw movement. Injuries to these joints can give rise to bruxism (teeth grinding) and chronic jaw pain. Our dental clinic offers TMJ treatment to those who need it.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring while you sleep means that there is a slight obstruction in your upper airway. This can lead to sleep apnea, which refers to repetitive pauses in your breathing. One way to address this issue is by speaking to your dentist. Adjustments to your tongue and jaw can help open your throat and nasal cavity, therefore providing you with a better sleep.