As your child is about to lose their first teeth we looked to design some Tooth Fairy PDF Downloads that parents can use to surprise them once they wake up. We have developed everything from Tooth Eruption Charts, Certificates, and Receipts that parents can download and print for their child. If your child is starting to loose their teeth, bookmark this page because we will always be adding more new material.

Tooth Fairy Door Hangers

tooth-fairy-door-hangerThe door hanger is the perfect item to get your child to be interactive with the tooth fairy. You can cut out the door hanger and then add your child’s name. If you want you can use the back of the door hanger for your child to leave a little note for the tooth fairy.

Click Here to Download the Tooth Fairy Door Hanger


Tooth Eruption Charts

Eruption ChartThe tooth fairy just released her Upper and Lower Teeth eruption chart. Keep track of the date your child lost each tooth.The eruption chart is a great way for you to remember when each tooth was lost.  If you want, uou can also keep track of what the tooth fairy left for each tooth.All you have to do is:

Tooth Fairy Receipts

Tooth Fairy ReceiptHot off the press is our Dentrix Dental Care Tooth Fairy Receipt. If your child has just lost a tooth and you are looking for a great way to commemorate the event then the Tooth Fairy Receipt is perfect.
All you have to do is:

Have you ever wondered what the going rate is for a tooth? A Visa Canada Survey did a study to find the Tooth Fairy’s going rates across Canada for 2015.

The national average is $3.44 per lost tooth, which comes out to $68.80 for the piggy bank from a full set of 20 little pearly whites.

Many parents give more money for the first tooth and then give a set amount for the remaining teeth, though there are few Tooth Fairies that give $20 per tooth.

Tooth Fairy Certificates

tooth-fairy-receipt-december-2016Over the next few months we will be creating tooth fairy certificates and receipts that you can print out and give your child if they lose a tooth.

Here is the newest one.
Click Here to Download the Tooth Fairy Certificate.