The Importance of Straight Teeth

Your smile is your calling card. And while it does make up a unique part of your personal appearance, proper care must be paid to the overall health of the teeth, gums and surrounding bone structure to ensure that you’ll have something to smile about for many years to come. While a gummy-grinned baby or gap-toothed first-grader are endearing, gingivitis, plaque and other periodontal issues in crooked adult teeth are not. Yet, some dental patients are reluctant to explore The Importance of Straight Teeth, for various reasons including:

  1. Belief that there isn’t a problem. If you’re generally content with the appearance of your teeth, or if the crowding or protrusion isn’t that noticeable when you smile, it’s understandable that you may scoff at the idea of spending time and resources on fixing them. While it is possible (and advisable) to maintain good oral health through regular dental hygiene visits, flossing and brushing, simply cleaning crooked teeth isn’t enough. As we age, our tooth enamel weakens, and this problem can be exacerbated by overcrowded teeth, which are prone to trapping bacteria and causing plaque build-up and decay. Crooked teeth can also cause a multitude of jaw problems, neck pain and headaches due to misalignment in the gums and bone structure. There is more to a smile than meets the eye.
  2. Too old.” While many orthodontic problems can be, and often are, corrected in adolescence, not everyone has had the means or desire to have treatment done at an earlier age. And while we often think of teenagers wearing braces, adult patients can be prime candidates for treatments such as Invisalign to correct their unevenly spaced or crooked teeth. Dental technology has come a long way, and adult patients who may have dreaded having a “metal mouth” in their younger years can be reassured that Invisalign offers a nearly transparent method of correcting teeth by incrementally shifting them into proper alignment. Healthy, strong teeth are always in style, no matter what your age.
  3. Fear of the dentist. This is a common phobia, but seeking treatment at the dentist does not need to be an unpleasant experience. If you are worried or stressed about a procedure to correct your teeth, talk to your dentist about options, such as IV sedation, to help you feel calm and relaxed. To put it in perspective, paying attention to your oral health now can save you the stress of possibly having gum disease, heart disease or diabetes related to misaligned teeth later on.
  4. Cost. While quality orthodontic care obviously comes with expense, it doesn’t have to be prohibitive, nor should it be a barrier to your seeking treatment that can improve not only your oral health but overall physical and emotional well-being. Talk to your dentist about payment plans, insurance options and various treatment solutions.

The Importance of Straight Teeth
A straight, beautiful and healthy smile can be within your reach. If you’re ready to discuss the next steps in creating yours, call or visit Dentrix Dental Care in NW Calgary at 403-288-5500 for our Market Mall location or 403-289-9908 for our North Hill location.