The Importance of Changing Your Toothbrush

You diligently brush your teeth twice a day and get a teeth cleaning twice a year. Yet, when asked how long it has been since you changed your toothbrush, you are not sure. It is vital to take care of your teeth, and while brushing is part of that care, so is regularly changing your toothbrush. A clean mouth, after all, starts with an equally clean toothbrush. Below we provide the Importance of Changing Your Toothbrush and what it means to your oral health.

What a Dirty Toothbrush Means for Your Mouth

Bacteria are present on your toothbrush. Some research suggests that a single toothbrush can have over 10 million germs and bacteria present. It is recommended that you change your toothbrush at least once every three months. If you have an electric toothbrush, change out the head every quarter.

This is not just because of the bacteria and germs. In fact, after three months, your toothbrush loses its effectiveness as the bristles begin to break down. If you brush with a heavy hand, your bristles may wear down sooner than the three-month period.

Replacement Is Not Enough

Even though you have replaced your toothbrush, you still need to take care of it to ensure that it is not contaminating your mouth and you are not ruining the bristles. Some things to do include:

  • Use It Right: When brushing, do not scrub or press hard while brushing. There is no need to do so. Brush gently, especially around the gums; the toothbrush will do the job. Dentists in Calgary can advise you on how to brush your teeth so that you clean them, not damage them.
  • Storage: Store your toothbrush upright and away from other toothbrushes.
  • Soak: Soak your toothbrush in rubbing alcohol to kill the germs, and then rinse thoroughly before next use. You can also use mouthwash, which is an antiseptic, as a soak for your toothbrush, or a solution of half water and half hydrogen peroxide.
  • Sanitize: You can dip your toothbrush into boiling water for five to ten seconds, but never place it in the dishwasher or microwave. This only damages it and does not sanitize.

Visiting your dental clinic in Northwest Calgary regularly is also important. Your dentist can recommend which toothbrush is right for you and how to properly use it. Dentrix Dental Care is here to help you keep your mouth clean, and we are accepting new patients. Contact us online or call us at one of our two convenient locations to schedule your appointment today.