Everyone wants pearly whites. While some can achieve that glowing smile naturally, others aren’t as lucky. A sure way to destroy that smile is with bad teeth.

Missing, chipped, cracked, loose, discoloured, and broken teeth can occur for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons include bad hygiene, genetics, and injury.

When your teeth get to this stage, most think their only option is tooth replacement. This procedure is expensive, so most avoid it. However, there are options available that are more affordable and just as effective.

Don’t put off that dental procedure any longer. Find out your tooth replacement options and receive affordable care.


You may think: why do I need braces? My teeth are not crooked.

Braces treat multiple varieties of dental options. Braces can reduce an overbite, prevent overcrowding, and can help fill a missing tooth.

Rather than replacing the tooth, your dentist can attach the braces in a way that fills the gap.

Dental Bridges

This is the most common single-toothed replacement method next to implants. They help fill the gap created by missing teeth. The bridge is made up of two or more crowns. In between the teeth is a false tooth.

The false tooth is either made of porcelain, gold, or a different type of alloy.

Bridges are also beneficial if you have trouble speaking or eating and preventing teeth from moving out of place.

Partial Dentures

Rather than getting a full set of dentures, you can get a partial denture. This denture is a customized tooth that is made to fill your gap. You can easily remove this tooth to eat or sleep. Cleaning and upkeep are also very simple.

This is a preferred method if your teeth are healthy. Dentures don’t require any grinding on your teeth. Partial dentures are also inexpensive compared to full dentures and other tooth replacement options.

Resin-Bonded Bridge

This is similar to the traditional dental bridges. But rather than assisting one tooth, resin-bonded bridges assist several missing teeth.

Especially if you’re missing multiple teeth in the very front and very back of your mouth. Artificial teeth fill the gaps and they’re connected to your healthy teeth.

Complete Dentures

If you’re missing multiple teeth, you can opt for a full set of dentures. These sit on your gums and you can remove them. They are easy to clean and maintained.

Just know they may irritate your gums. If that happens, remove the dentures immediately.

White Bonding Material

Dealing with a chipped or cracked tooth may seem like the end of the world. Your only option is a tooth replacement, right? Not exactly.

Depending on the location of the chip or the crack, you can cure it with a white bonding material.

The material will help fill or form a crack or a chip. Your dentist will then shape the tooth to make it appear more natural. They may also harden the tooth with infrared light and polish it.

This repair is simple and inexpensive.

Whiten Your Teeth

Are your teeth straight and not broken? But they’re discoloured? This is actually a pretty common issue — teeth become discoloured (usually yellowing, even turning brown) for a variety of reasons.

The most common reason is diet and lifestyle; you could think this means an unhealthy diet, but even healthy foods such as fruit can change the colour of your teeth.

This is how tooth discolouration works: your enamel thins out, making the yellow dentin come to the surface.

You’re probably thinking your only option is to replace your teeth. But that’s not the case: teeth whitener works well and whitening your teeth will save you lots of money.

Try home whiteners first. If those don’t help, get your teeth professionally whitened. This is more expensive, but your dentist will provide lots of education that will help you take care of your teeth.

You can also try strengthening your enamel. Your dentist will prescribe you products that help make your teeth more resistant enamel-destroying ingredients.

A Retainer

If your missing tooth is small or unnoticeable, you may not need braces. Retainers are used to prevent teeth from moving after you’ve worn braces. But retainers are also effective when filling up gaps and holes in your mouth.

A retainer, like braces, helps re-align your teeth. These are often clear and are specially made for your mouth. Designer and speciality brands can be expensive, but cheaper options exist.

Aligners are another alternative, but brand names can be expensive. If you want something as effective as braces but incognito like retainers, aligners are a great choice.

Dental Implants

This is the artificial root that replaces your tooth. It is surgically placed in your jaw bone and replicates a real tooth.

However, dental implants are the most expensive of the tooth replacement options.

But a few facts:

  1. The cost of dental implants isn’t terribly far off from getting a bride
  2. If you just need the implant post, you’ll save hundreds of dollars
  3. You’ll save more money by implanting the post and using a denture as opposed to a porcelain crown.

Dental implants are one of the most recommended methods for tooth loss. But this requires you to have a sturdy jaw bone, healthy gums, you have little health concerns, and you practice great oral hygiene.

But dental implants feel similar to natural teeth, you have no worries of taking them out, you can eat normally, they help prevent bone loss, and they’re long-lasting.

Time to Find the Best Tooth Replacement Option for You

Having a healthy mouth and teeth is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

All teeth are different, therefore a different tooth replacement option may work for you and not for someone else. Some methods are simple and cheap, and others are complex and expensive.

You want to use the best tooth replacement method, but you also want an option you can afford.

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