Have you been considering a smile makeover but haven’t been sure if it’s right for you?

Maybe you’re thinking, “well, I’m not a celebrity, so getting cosmetic dental work doesn’t make sense for me.”

Cosmetic dental work isn’t just for the rich and famous anymore. There are tons of simple procedures for each dental problem like chipped, missing, or crooked teeth.

Our patients have pursued smile makeovers for both cosmetic and emotional reasons. They understand the positive impact smiling has on their mental well-being and want to show off a gorgeous smile.

Why’s Smiling So Important Anyways?

Nearly every human has felt the happy sensation that spreads through their brain when they see a smile. It’s because we’re hardwired to smile to show emotion and to interact with others.

We smile when we’re happy, and we become happy when we smile. A study conducted by psychologists Tara Kraft and Sarah Pressman tested this hypothesis and found it to be true. It’s why we can smile at ourselves in the mirror and instantly feel happier.

In addition to working inwardly, smiling makes you more likable and appear more trustworthy, valuable characteristics in our daily interactions.

So if you’re not happy with your smile, you’re less likely to smile. It’s a problem that can leave you feeling down and less sociable.

Typical Problems a Smile Makeover Can Fix

Everyone has that one something they wish they could fix about themselves. For many of our patients, that one something is in their smile.

Here are some typical problems our patients have when they come in for a smile makeover:

  • Tooth discolouration
  • Alignment or spacing problems
  • Missing teeth
  • Uneven or chipped teeth
  • Crooked or rotated teeth
  • Metal fillings or fake teeth

Signs You Should Upgrade Your Smile

There is no one answer for why you should get a smile makeover. Here are just a few reasons why our patients have come in to get a smile upgrade.

You’ve Stopped Smiling in Photos

Take a second to scroll through the recent photos on your Facebook and phone. Are you smiling in any of them?

Or maybe you’re smiling but not showing your teeth. If this is the case, it’s a likely indication you’re not happy with how your smile looks, even if you don’t realize it yet.

Your Smile Doesn’t Make You Smile

Remember how we said when you see yourself smile in the mirror it makes you happy?

If smiling at yourself in the mirror doesn’t make you happy, it’s likely because you don’t like the look of your smile. It’s more likely if you’re unhappy with your teeth that seeing them in the mirror will make you sad.

You Avoid Social Situations

Similarly to not smiling in photos, avoiding social situations can be another indication you aren’t happy with your smile.

Going out for dinner with friends or seeing your family is usually a sure fire way to make you smile. Being surrounded by the people you care about and laughing with them is a basic joy in life.

If you’ve noticed yourself withdrawing from social situations, even if you love being with your friends and family, it’s another sign you should consider getting a smile makeover.

Eating Hurts

While our smiles are a part of our social beings, our teeth provide a basic function to our bodies – acting as the first step in digestion.

Pain isn’t comfortable, no matter where it is in your body. So, if you’re experiencing pain when you eat, that’s a discomfort you’re dealing with multiple times a day each day.

Apart from the discomfort, pain during eating could be an indication that you have gum disease or tooth decay.

If you have regular tooth pain when you eat, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

Your Teeth Are Discoloured

Not everyone cares if their teeth are discolored, and that’s ok.

Some people love having pearly whites and take all kinds of measures to help protect the enamel like swearing off red wine, soda, and coffee.

If you realize after years of drinking and eating whatever you want that there’s a deep stain on your teeth, it might be time to consider a whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening is a common and easy practice. Most dentists in-office and at-home teeth whitening options with which can help you remove the stains from your teeth.

You’ll be amazed at how confident you feel after brightening your smile.

Your Teeth Are Loose

Loose teeth can be a sign of infected gums or tooth decay. You might notice your gums turning red or bleeding.

Having loose teeth is very uncomfortable and can also make you lose confidence in your smile. If you have sore, irritated gums or your teeth are loose, you should see a dentist immediately.

If left untreated, infected gums can lead to your teeth falling out completely.

However, if you lose a tooth due to decay or have spaces where teeth have fallen out previously, you can get dental implants which are realistic fake teeth.

Filling in the gaps to your smile and strengthening your teeth will make you want to smile from ear to ear.

There’s a Constant Bad Taste in Your Mouth

Having a bad taste in your mouth isn’t related to the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, but it is a smile issue you should look into immediately.

Bad tastes in your mouth can be caused by gum disease or a serious oral infection. Both of these are a result of poor oral hygiene.

When bacteria gets the change to colonize in your mouth, it can produce chemicals that make your breath smell bad and cause foods to taste different.

If you’ve developed a plaque buildup or gum disease, laser therapy is an easy way to get rid of the stink and make you love your smile again.

Don’t Wait to Get Your Smile Makeover!

It’s time you stopped being shy about your smile.

Having problems with your teeth is no fun on a functional and comfort level. But having a smile you’re not happy with can cause you to lose confidence in yourself.

Investing in a smile makeover today will provide you with many benefits down the road. Reinstill confidence in you and your smile by scheduling a consultation with us today.