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Frequently Asked Questions

At Dentrix Dental Care in NW Calgary, we seek to make sure our patients are informed about their options and the procedures we provide. We invite you to find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below, or you can contact us today to learn more.

Children’s Dentistry

Getting an early start on dental care helps your child learn the importance of regular visits to the dentist. Children as young as 2 can be brought to dental offices to help acclimate them to the environment and provide them an opportunity for a positive experience. As baby teeth come in, regular visits should be established and maintained.

Even before your child teethes, you can help set them on the road to good dental care by running a damp washcloth over your infant’s gums daily to remove harmful bacteria. As children teethe, parents can brush these baby teeth with an infant toothbrush, using water but not toothpaste. Fluoride toothpaste should not be used in children younger than 2 unless a dentist has advised otherwise.

Around the time your child enters preschool, you can begin safely using fluoride toothpaste. A pea-sized amount on the brush is plenty, as young children tend to swallow most of the toothpaste and this can lead to permanent stains on their teeth. Making short strokes, move the brush back and forth gently, reaching the front, back and chewing surfaces of each tooth.


The exact causes are unknown, but there are many contributing factors. These can include clenched teeth, or the teeth being ground, which puts pressure on the joint. Certain kinds of arthritis can also contribute, as well as stress, which can cause a person to tighten facial and jaw muscles.

Symptoms of TMD can occur on either or both sides of the face, and can include swelling, earaches, a tired feeling on the side of your face near the joint, clicking or popping in the jaw, or tenderness in the face when you speak, eat or yawn.

Gum Disease & Laser Therapy

Laser therapy, used alongside scaling, destroys the bacteria that cause gum disease. This can help reverse the disease and allow the gum tissue to return to a healthy state.

Lasers have been shown through clinical experience to be extremely helpful with eliminating cold sores and even preventing cold sores from arising in the same spot a second time (if they can be caught and treated with the laser within the first day).

Another use of lasers in a dental practice is to remove excess gum tissue, as well as trim the attachments of the muscles between the lips and gums without causing the patient any pain, and without the need for stitches or a scalpel.


Oral appliance therapy is one way of dealing with OSA, and the devices themselves look like what you’d expect to see from a retainer or a mouth guard. A dental office can create a custom-fitted device which is worn in your sleep, and will help prevent snoring.

Essentially, the device attempts to maintain an open and unobstructed airway in the throat, allowing the patient to breathe easily without having to snore. There are many designs for oral appliances, and part of the process includes your dentist working with your physician to determine the causes of your snoring, and how then to proceed with creating a corrective device.


While implants can be used to support partial or complete dentures, they are not the same. Dentures can be removed daily, but implants are designed to fit into the mouth and stay in place, restoring the function and cosmetics of your teeth back to 100%.

Tooth loss is a fairly common occurrence in adult life. Injury, decay, gum disease or congenital issues can all be the causes of tooth loss. But no matter the reason for tooth loss, most people desire some kind of replacement to ensure chewing, talking and smiling can continue unimpeded.

When you lose a tooth, there are several options for replacement such as bridges, dentures, etc. But the best replacement option is the implant. Where other forms of tooth replacement function only superficially, implants replicate the root and crown of the tooth, making it more like a real tooth than any other treatment. In NW Calgary, dental implants involve the placement of a small titanium post into the jaw bone. After a period of healing, the post becomes a solid groundwork which the crown can be placed on.

After the bone of the jaw fuses to the titanium post, it can be fitted for a crown. We match the colour, size and shape of natural teeth to the replacement tooth so the smile is seamless. The replacement tooth is attached to the post and the implant is complete. Implants do require a little extra care to ensure they last a long time and don’t cause problems in the mouth. But with careful care, they can last the rest of the patient’s life.

Many of our offices offer services in dental implants. NW Calgary residents can benefit from a tooth restoration that looks and feels like a real tooth. It is one of the best options for tooth replacement available today. Implant technology is excellent and continues to improve.

Essentially, the device attempts to maintain an open and unobstructed airway in the throat, allowing the patient to breathe easily without having to snore. There are many designs for oral appliances, and part of the process includes your dentist working with your physician to determine the causes of your snoring, and how then to proceed with creating a corrective device.

Teeth Whitening

Over time, the enamel in your teeth can become porous, and this in turn causes your teeth to absorb the colours of what you eat and drink. When teeth are whitened, the enamel is bleached, returning them to a more attractive look.

Over-the-counter strips and trays may seem like a good solution in the short term, but for long-lasting results these products often prove inadequate and ineffective. Our treatments, including the at-home kits, are more powerful, and will have the impact you desire.

When it comes to your smile, you should be able to share it with anyone. Dentrix Dental Care can improve your smile by providing the teeth whitening NW Calgary and the surrounding area’s citizens want. Your smile is likely the first thing people notice about you. We can give you a brighter, whiter smile. This will boost your self-esteem and allow you to leave a positive, memorable impression on those you come in contact with. You’ll enjoy feeling better about yourself and will love the benefits of our NW Calgary teeth whitening product offerings.

Whitening is often performed after teeth cleaning. NW Calgary residents, as well as those in the surrounding areas, know that with the help of Dentrix Dental Care discoloured teeth can be transformed into a beautiful, elegant smile.

Dentrix Dental Care wants to take care of your teeth and make them whiter and more attractive. It is time to have a smile that you can be proud of. Call us or stop by our office to obtain more information or to schedule a Zoom! Whitening treatment. You won’t regret it.

Dental Bonding & Composite Fillings, Veneers, Inlays & Onlays

Dental bonding improves the appearance of your teeth through the use of composite material made from fillers and resins. As a procedure it’s great for disguising teeth that are stained or discoloured, filling cavities, fixing broken and cracked teeth, and much more.

Composite fillings are a possible solution for patients experiencing tooth decay. If you have cavities that need to be sealed up and filled to stop tooth loss and halt the progress of bacteria to other teeth, a composite filling is a way to do so.

Veneers act as an alternative to dental crowns by serving to restore the look of your teeth. Made from very thin pieces of porcelain, they are specially designed to bond with the front of your tooth in order to change the way it looks. Veneers can also be used to change the shape, size or even the alignment of your natural teeth.

Inlays and onlays are both used to perform the same type of tooth restoration, but are simply placed differently. Onlays cover one or more of the cusps (or even the entire biting surface of the tooth). An inlay fills between the cusps of a tooth. Both are used when a tooth is damaged.

Crowns & Bridges

A crown is used to completely cover a damaged tooth. Not only will it help strengthen a damaged tooth, a crown can also cause cosmetic improvements by improving the appearance, alignment or shape of the tooth. Crowns can also be matched to the colour of your tooth, so that it blends in naturally.

If you’re missing one or more teeth, a bridge may be the best solution for you, because they’re used to span the space where those teeth are missing. They can be cemented to both implants and natural teeth, which will serve as anchors to keep the bridge in place, thus restoring your smile.


From children to seniors, orthodontics can be a good solution for patients of all ages. Even young children can benefit, as long as their permanent teeth have started to come in and a proper evaluation can be made. We encourage patients to come in so that one of our qualified dentists can properly determine their needs.

While it can vary greatly depending on the device, all appliances should be cleaned regularly. Once our dentists have determined what device is best for your needs, we’ll help provide you with guidance as to how to take care of the orthodontic device, what kinds of foods should be avoided, and so forth.

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